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power2max Type S models (with cranks) for BB30, PF30, BBRight and BB386EVO frames

We often get asked which model we recommend for a particular frame. To help you choose the right power meter we have put together an overview of the Type S models with cranks. Before we go into a side-by-side comparison let us share a bit of tech background on frame formats:

Evolution of bottom bracket standards

Until a few years ago, frames with a threaded bottom bracket area were most common. They came in two flavors: “english threaded” (or BSA) frames, which are 68mm wide, and “italian theaded” (or ITA) frames that are 70mm wide at the bottom bracket. Bottom bracket bearings were usually located inside the frame and used systems like square taper, Octalink or ISIS. Manufacturers then gradually switched to external bearing cups and 24mm steel axles. Shimano’s standard is called Hollowtech II, FSA’s is called Megaexo, SRAM owns GXP, and Campagnolo’s standard is called Ultratorque. If you have such a frame you can

With the introduction of the BB30 standard by Cannondale we got another axle diameter and a new family of frames. BB30 frames 68mm wide like BSA threaded frames, but the bearings are directly pressed into the frame and the axle has a diameter of 30mm. Following BB30 a host of other standards were developed and introduced: PF30, BBRight, BBRight Direct Fit, and BB386EVO. Here is how they compare (for road bikes):

BB30 PF30 BBRight BBRight Direct Fit BB386EVO
Frame width at the bottom bracket 68mm 68mm 79mm 79mm 86mm
Bore diameter 42mm 46mm 46mm 42mm 46mm
How are bearings installed? Directly in the frame With cups With cups Directly in the frame With cups
Example e.g., Felt IA1 e.g., Cannondale Super Six EVO e.g., Cervelo P5 e.g., Cervelo R5 California e.g., Wilier Cento Uno 2014


 Type S models for BB30, PF30, BBRight and BB386EVO

We have four Type S models with cranks that are made for the BB30 family of frames. Each one has its own advantages – take your pick and enjoy!

power2max Type S cycle power meter FSA Gossamer BB386EVO power2max Type S power meter FSA K-Force Light BB386EVO with cranks power2max Type S Rotor 3D 30 110BCD red black power2max Type S Rotor 3D+ yellow
Crank material Aluminum (forged) Carbon Aluminum (forged, hollow drilled) Aluminum (CNC machined, hollow drilled)
Weight* 786g 576g 678g 622g
Crank lengths 165, 170, 172.5, 175mm 165**, 170, 172.5, 175, 180mm** 170, 172.5, 175mm 150, 155, 160, 165, 170, 172.5, 175, 180mm
Compatible frame formats BB30, BB386EVO, BB86, BBRight, BBRight direct fit, BSA68, ITA70, PF30 BB30, BB386EVO, BB86, BBRight, BBRight direct fit, BSA68, ITA70, PF30 BB30, BB386EVO***, BB86***, BBRight, BBRight direct fit, BSA68, ITA70, PF30 BB30, BB386EVO***, BB86***, BBRight, BBRight direct fit, BSA68, ITA70, PF30
Price (with cranks) $1,049 $1,449 $1,399 $1,449
Our thoughts A great no-nonsense crank with amazing compatibility. Our value champion for modern frames. Amazingly light and stiff. A challenger for the very popular 3D+. The value alternative to the 3D+. Extremely popular – great looks and big choice of available crank lengths

* 110 compact version, 175mm cranks

** forthcoming

*** check compatiblity

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